What Sales, Marketing, R&D and Creatives say?


"Amandine always delivers an accomplished work, demonstrates a great sense of responsibilities but sometimes focuses on details." Frédéric Campart, CEO Stationnext.com, Digital Marketing agency


"A sharp eye of the requirement, an ability to articulate clear briefs" Guillaume Lemercier, Artistic Director OpenTrust


" A touch of madness and a rare artistic sensitivity. Tenacity, listening skills, curiosity and real managerial capacities ".

Serge Annequin, Artistic Director SFR BusinessTeam



"Amandine is a very commited, enthusiastic and passionate marketing and communication manager. Always positive, she is really creative...It was a real pleasure to work 5 years together and hope we'll do it again". Gwen Rabier, Directeur du Salon Mobility for Business


"What I liked very much was the fact that Amandine took live notes whilst I was speaking to people, she did this for other people too.


It is a great way for a sales guy to be able to focus on a customer. We should do this more often as it will help us getting better lead quality. Too often we get leads with very little information. This way of working helps." Dirk Geerearts, Benelux & Southern Europe Sales Director - Gemalto


"Proven Marcom skills and the ability to adapt, friendliness at work " Thibault de Valroger, VP Stratégie & Business Development, OpenTrust


"Strong personal energy, a collaborative approach, pragmatism and cross-team spirit." Nathalie Geoffrin, R&D Manager Identity Product Line OpenTrust





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