Companies & Clients I worked for...


Global Marcom Plan Agencies briefing Environment Project Leader


Competitive quick analysis Global Market Plan Content support to video prod

Field Marketing

Emailing Campaigns Leads Qualification Inside Sales Incentive Competition Study Resellers needs Survey

Market Analysis and Content

Content analysis Story Telling Rewriting Communication action plan

Digital Marketing

RFP RFI writing Total Re-Branding Tiers Management CRM Contributor Emailing system Owner Web Project Chief Content writing Product Marketing contributor

Corporate Communication

Team, Budget, Planning Content Chart definition Newsletters, Events Web site + Sharepoint + Extranet Stakeholders's first contact

Marketing Commercial

Big Data Management Product Copy writing Events Sales training contributed to Built and ran 25 promotional email campaigns in coordination with Alliances Managers

Corporate Identity

Brainstorming with the Associates partners Creative Brief Definition

User Interface Experience

Ergonomy testing Communication Messages

Conseil en marketing vert

Apport de connaissances en Green IT Etude des meilleures pratiques en Marketing Vert

Business Development

Best web site audience selection Sales & technical support

These are samples but other elements are available on request...