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Contacts & Leads Generation

Means: Connect the Contact form with both Emailing and CRM tools


1/ Identify the most efficient tool, then find the most relevant files by country

2/ Write a Request For Proposal, then follow the integration until the training.

3/ Develop templates to save time in messages creation.

4/ Program and launch campaigns, analyze statistics, adjust when necessary.


Our tool Campaign Commander has been successfully connected to SalesForce.

That has helped to clean up the existing database and start the lead generation program.


>>Results: Within a year, the opening rate increased from 14 % to 20 %, the click-through rate grown from 2 to 5.7%


Nouveau design du site OpenTrust
Ancien Design du site Keynectis-OT
Nouveau design du site OpenTrust
Ancien Design du site Keynectis-OT

 Corporate Identity


Means: Interact with cross-departements to define both editorial and creative charts.



1/ Realize a survey to benchmark the entire eco-system 

2/ Define key messages by product family

3/ Define the creative brief to develop print and web documents

4/ Revise the online content and the entire look and feel


>> Results: Clients approved the changes. Management avoided spending specific budget on this project.



Run Marcom Operations


Means: Build Meetings series to define a Go-to-market strategy



1/ Run interviews and deliver a competition survey to identify majors' verbatim

2/ Challenge the business plan on the market and basis

3/ Write and deliver other messages and content supports


>> Results: targeted prospects had core business higher understanding and the company became more visible.




These are samples but other elements are available on request...

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